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Khatami’s Speech to the members of the Reformist Front Coordination Committee

September 2, 2009 Khatami, Recent Posts No Comments
Khatami’s Speech to the members of the Reformist Front Coordination Committee

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Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Header: The greatest conspiracy against the Islamic revolution is the elimination of the devoted allegiants of the revolution.

Members of the Reformist Front Coordination Committee and Seyed Mohammad Khatami had a meeting.

In this meeting members of the reformist front coordination committee emphasized on necessity of a collaborative action to maintain the revolutionary values and fundamentals while remaining committed to the clear path that the great Imam Khomeini has laid out and to the betterment of the nation. They deemed it necessary to continue communicating with grand clerics; (religious leaders in seminary city of Qom among whose Muslim followers are many Iranians) with the scientists and elites; and to continue interacting with the Parliament and the Judiciary necessary for the continued survival of the reformist movement. At the same time they voiced their concerns regarding the show trails, held against all the legal standards.

On another point, members of the reformist coordination front demanded action to follow up on the atrocities that happened during and after the elections especially the disastrous incidents at the Kahrizak detention center. They acknowledged that any act of indulgence towards these events is an irreversible damage to the administration and to the nation.

The members collectively requested for consistent follow up on people’s demands. They expressed their worries on the dangers of a (political) stream that is trying to alienate and often eliminate the committed forces (to the revolution) from the national scene, and from the universities; forces who are of course among the protesters. They (the members) insisted that such mistakes could facilitate foreigners’ interference [into our affairs.]

After the talk [by the members], Seyed Mohammad Khatami thanked everyone and wished them prosperity during the holy month of Ramadan. He praised their tenacious activism on the reformist front and added:

” I feel obligated to insist on this point that reformists, whether in this audience or any other committee, maintain their presence with endurance and continue their activities. What has happened in these times is all the more reason to stay our grounds firmly in conveying the mottos of reformism; Because we are loyally devoted to the revolution, not remorseful from it.

The Islamic revolution of Iran is one of them most significant highs of Iranian nation’s history. It is a source of our pride. [The Islamic revolution is] A people’s movement toward independence, freedom and advancement, while committing to religious fundamentals with the leadership of prominent leader.

What sould encourage the reformists so stay in the political arena ever stronger is that today, those who ostensibly claim to power and are oftentimes responsible in power; those who do not believe in the ways of the revolution and Imam [Khomeini] (hereafter: Imam) or are oftentimes remorseful for the revolution, have taken a forceful step to interfere in the messages of the revolution and stamp it in their own name in spite of the fact that they ostensibly call themselves revolutionaries.

The Islamic Republic was first heard about as triumph of people’s demands for freedom with the leadership of the great Imam in century with value such as people’s rule over their own destinies and denial of authoritarianism. The Islamic Republic quickly turned all the eyes by relying on people’s votes as a key and central [element] along side Islamic Values. In these times, what is worrying is the dangers that threat the Islamic Republic; a danger that has aimed for the republic as well as Islamic fundamentals of our revolution.

Today, more determined than ever, we must push for our right in the reformist camp; we must push for ‘change.’ What we mean by change, as we have said from the beginning, and as we have said in the recent elections, is a return to the fundamentals of the constitution; a return to the aspirations of Imam and the revolution. Was there any contrast, whatsoever, between these values and what people cried on the streets? Did our people demand anything more than the rights for their votes [to be counted], justice, ethics, human dignity, and a return to the constitution? A return to the promises of this document (referring to the constitution)?

Everything that we see today is a strong motivation for people’s emphasis on their rightful demands; and is a significant source of strength and credibility for a movement whose demand is that the establishment changes his ways towards a revival of the by now long forgotten and ignored fundamentals of the constitution and the values that we learned from Imam.

Today too, this is our message: There are doubts in people’s minds whether their votes have influence on the outcomes. These doubts should be attended to. People’s national trust to the establishment as most significant asset and the strongest source of credibility for the system is hurt and must be repaired. Needless to say, what I said here is in line with the revolutionary values and whoever acts against this, is acting against revolutionary values and against the path that Imam and the people have laid before us.

Ignorance and inaction has cost the establishment dearly especially ignorance towards suggestions of those well-wisher consolers, and inaction towards the inappropriate steps taken so far. Enemy and his animosity with the revolution is nothing new. This issues has always existed and still does in different formats whether armed, propaganda, political or other. However, attempts to associate peaceful and calm rallies in objection to the recent election results to acts of outsider hooligans is a big mistake; it (the association) is a harmful illusion that has cost our establishment a lot.

Ever since the start of the Islamic Republic, the biggest aim of our enemies have been to alienate people from the establishment; segregating our social supports and assets in our country. Is not what we see today anything but depiction of the establishment’s international image as illogical, violent, incoherent with ethical and humane values, ignorant toward people’s votes and even ignorant towards their own laws and fundamentals?

Aggressions towards people, and toward people’s favorite forces; unfair propaganda services that all different organizations and media outlets provided for the government (of the incumbent) and against some of the celebrated and valuable figures of our country; depicting people’s protests as dependent on vice and dangerous foreign factions; they all happen merely to justify the violence, illegal and monopolistic actions.

None of important religious figures, the seniors of the seminary schools or the universities and neither any of the elites of our society nor any independent political streams inside the country have approved what has happened thus far. This includes the recent notorious show trials. This should reveal what a significant mistake has been committed. Using clear and discrete legal rationalization, prominent legal experts and the elites of our society have collectively questioned the detainments; keeping the detainees; organization of show trails; misbehaviors towards the detainees’ families and their lawyers. This is a serious warning to the establishment should they be seeking any solutions.

A certain faction intends to use any means and undue allegations to accuse figures within the system with well known backgrounds with the offense of defending people’s right and label them as enemies. It is a shame that these people have been unjustly attacked for demanding the methods [used  by hardliners] to be in accordance with the constitution , prosecution procedures [mentioned in the constitution] and civic rights.

The sacred podium of Friday’s prayers has been made available to certain individuals that insult celebrated figures of the establishment as well as esteemed Shia Marjaas (religious leaders) . They even behave as prosecutors and ask for their arrest. And this is when they themselves are accused of treason in trust in front of the public conscience.   It was them who with outmost arrogance called a respectable Marjaa an agent of British. Although they have been discredited in front of the public.

Following  the events after the election I sent a note to Mr. Shahroudi ( for whom I have deep respect) , addressed him as the head of the judiciary branch and demanded that the articles of the constitution , procedures of criminal prosecution  and civic right should be followed in dealing with these  events. I also asked for an end to insults, arrests , illegal detentions of of the indicted and trials inconsistent with legal procedures. Unfortunately while he could have left office with a better legacy at the end of his term , he did not want to or was not able to act.

Today what we and the public ask from the new judiciary branch head is to prevent [these people] from spawning  a poisonous environment to scorn individuals with accusations that are  belligerent, one sided , against the law and our religion. It is not acceptable to attack and accuse others based on confessions that are essentially questionable with serious legal and constitutional flaws and not even consider a slightest right [for the accused ] to defend [ themselves].

On the other hand the public is anticipating open trials to investigate the abhorrent and incontrovertible atrocities committed such as opening fire on the crowds in the streets, illegal arrests,  sub-standard detention centers, crimes that everyone admits have been committed which have caused profound damages to the nation’s spirit and public trust . Is this the face of a compassionate Islam that claims to cherish and defend ethics , constitutional rights , freedom of speech and security in the society ?

Unfortunately, there were and still are significant deviations (from the path of the revolution) during and after elections in incidents that proceeded. It is the duty and mission of the reformists and all the well-wisher consolers of the society to stand against these deviations. In this struggle (against such deviations) no cost is too high, and we stop at nothing so that [hopefully] if God is willing the revolution would return to its main course and follow its own path with minimal costs.

I here declare, with the utmost certainty, that the greatest conspiracy against the Islamic Revolution is the elimination of the devoted allegiants of the revolution with these (referring to the show trials) baseless methods and [vilifying] aliases, orchestrated by a specific dynamic. The consequences of such actions is a paradigm shift in social forces towards views that are in contrast with the main fundamentals of revolution and the (Islamic) establishment.

Our motto in the international communities was always to support of Islam mas an advocate of human rights and values. Our defense was always a model and an example that we looked up to in Islamic Republic of Iran to defend Islam against radical hardliners (referent to Taliban) who took the name of Islam but acted against humanity. But in light of recent actions [inside Iran] we are left with nothing to defend Islam with.

We must stand tall despite all the pressures to push the reformists and just elites aside. We must remain and demand, remind, and negotiate to reduce the costs of our the return of the revolution to its main path.

[Hopefully] if God is willing, those who hold responsibilities within the establishment would pave the way [to return to the path of the revolution] by putting an end to wrong methods; freeing the prisoners; staying loyal to the rules and fundamentals of the constitution and a willful action against convicts and criminals.  And consequently heal the wounded trust and good will of the people.”

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