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Mousavi: Special Groups See Their Interests are in Division

August 24, 2010 Figures, Mousavi, Recent Posts 1 Comment
Mousavi: Special Groups See Their Interests are in Division

Date: Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Source: Kalemeh

In the most recent meeting of Mr. Mousavi with sons and daughters war veterans, Mr. Mousavi elaborated on the influences of the Green Movement, and emphasized on the endurance and unity as two elements that could achieve the desired changes in the country. According to Kaleme, Mousavi acknowledged the affinity and unity amongst different groups of people and said: “We are following the same principles that were applied when the [green] human chain was created from one corner of Tehran to another. All of us, from different opinions, cultures and ethnicities, would eventually come to talk easier with each other.”

What connects our institutions are: Freedom, Justice and Protection of people’s rights
The Green Movement has brought about the context for national conciliation

Political institutions that were taken apart through wrong policies are gradually getting closer and closer. They negotiate and share ideas at dinner tables. It is [demand for] freedom, justice and protection of people’s rights that is connecting them. The lines that separated us from ‘them’ are fading away and different sides are talking more to each other. Thanks to people’s very green Movement, today national unity and affinity has become more prominent among the very different cultures, ethnicities religions and social layers.

Some see their interests in division
They spread hatred in the name of war against propaganda and cultural invasion
They have changed national media to a divisive and one-sided tool

Some see their interests in spreading division through profiling lies. They use ‘soft war’ [against propaganda and cultural invasion] as an excuse to spread hatred and division. There are unsound groups of websites that ridicule our holy principles with a million dollar budget for cyber warfare. Just as they changed the national TV to a one sided and divisive tool, they are looking to pollute the virtual space with their viruses [of deceit and lie] so that they can close this beautiful window and ruin the trust of our Islamic nation to it. Nevertheless, I am sure this trickery too would have the reverse effects.

Even the old political sciences knew that with oppression a nation would get close to its ends

Unfortunately our establishment is struck with corruption, oppression and it’s incapable to adopt to changes. The establishment cannot make the necessary changes required to face the volatile global and national conditions. This is very obvious, because the most effective element for desired changes inside a nation are people’s participation in all the affairs of the country, their ability to bring about their own destinies, and protection of their civil rights. Even old political manifestos agree that oppression will bring a nation close to its ends.

Today our prisons are filled with our nation’s freedom fighter children.

I remember in the old days reading about prisons of Mansour Davanighi, or Haroon Al-Rashid in our religious studies books, but today our prisons are full with our nation’s freedom fighter children. They even imprison those who are plaintiff against the wild and false accusations made against them while those who [falsely] made the accusations are at large far away from the reach of judiciary.

The secret to return enthusiasm to the society.

The most important secret to achieve ‘putting people first’ is accepting their votes. It is their votes that can save the country from the crisis and bring back the enthusiasm and peace to our society.

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