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Mahdi Karoubi in a Meeting with Reformist Youth

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Mahdi Karoubi in a Meeting with Reformist Youth

Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Source: Kalemeh

In a meeting with the reformist youth, Hojatoleslam Mahdi Karoubi congratulated the coming of holy month of Ramadan and said: “Despite being very close to this holy month of compassion, unfortunately we have to bear witness to increasing pressure on the people. These authorities, as if our people did not face enough problems in their lives already, interfere even in the simplest matters like their funeral ceremonies. I have spoken to this problem on many occasions but it’s as if no one’s listening at all. Last of these interferences occurred at the funeral of Mr. Tatari who was a real and genuine Basiji who actually felt responsible for the people of nomadic tribes and helped them and in return they respected him back. But the ‘Sires’ that control everything cannot even bring themselves to respect people such as Mr. Tatari, they can’t help interfering with funerals.

In some ceremonies they have pushed out of their boundaries so far, that they dare contacting the hosts. ‘God forbidden’ that the hosts invite us [well known figures of the Green Movement.] They would then [do everything] to stop the funeral ceremony taking place. Even during the Shah’s time, despite all the ugliness of the regime, at least dignity of human beings was respected. Today however, I am in awe at where these newcomer ‘Sires’ are thinking they taking [our country] to? These actions would just destroy any respect for the establishment. They do not realize that everything has its conditions and contexts. If you want to rule people you must first learn to give [people’s interests] the priority.

Our revolution and the consequent establishment was not achieved at nothing so that we just sit idly while a group of newcomers drunk with taste of power take it to the verge of collapse!

The road to the future for our youth is clear and promising. The Islamic Revolution succeeded with a high cost that was the blood of this nation’s youth. In those days, Shah was the number one power in the Middle East region but because of corruption and lack of support among people, his government was toppled despite all of its capabilities. This should be a lesson to everyone. Our revolution and the consequent establishment was not achieved at nothing so that we just sit idly by while a group of newcomers drunk with taste of power take it to the verge of collapse!

Everything was supposed to be based on the votes of people!

Two important features of the Islamic Republic are the emphasis on Islamism and reliance on votes of people. All the laws must cohere with Islam and Islamic laws. The republic feature of the establishment means that those responsible within the establishment must be chosen with the votes of people. Their actions are supervised directly or indirectly by the people through direct or indirect election processes. In the years prior to the revolution, the country never had a parliament that would be truly chosen through the votes of people. After the coup d’état of the 1953, all the parliaments were selected [not elected.]

After the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution and after people voted for the Islamic Republic in the 1979 election, we moved towards democracy. People’s vote was to come first. I simply do not understand how we got here. Unfortunately today, we see that some people unambiguously state that people’s vote bears no significance and that the elections are pointless and wasteful. Such statements are against the goals of the revolution, Imam [Khomeini’s] vision, and people’s demands. Not only did people protest against the way the tenth presidential election was executed, they also asked why the constitution was being ignored. They asked: why don’t we have free and democratic elections?

No one was supposed to use Islam as a tool. Why are they damaging the virtue of Islam like this? When I hear their so-called Islamic slogan I can’t help but wonder! In the Islamic Republic, we weren’t supposed to use Islam as tool to protect our power. Being in power should instead depend on individuals’ abilities and people’s demands. Power seats cannot and should not be protected by force or instrumental use of religion.

Unfortunately, after the recent election, those who gained power have no regard for the wellbeing of Islamic Republic, goals of the revolution, and the teachings of Imam Khomeini. In the protests after the election, people expressed their disagreement with them. The strong public demonstration of three-million man march on June 15th was no joke. Of course it is natural that people expressed many different demands but everyone challenged the administration’s disregard for the constitution and people’s vote.”

The Iranian Peoples Movement does not belong to any one media group, sect, or individual

The Chairman of National Trust Party also pointed out that the great reform movement emanates from many different groups and said: “The Iranian Peoples Movement does not belong to any one media group, sect, or individual. You must realize that the whole nation, many of whom have different preferences and inspirations take part in this movement. We must be vigilant and avoid any divisions. By tolerating one another and respecting each other’s preferences and inspirations, we must work towards achieving this reform movement’s goals.”

An important demand of this reform movement is to return to the constitution

In regards with the movement’s manifesto and its future plans, Mr. Karoubi mentioned: “I also find it necessary to have concrete plans for the future. But unfortunately, in the current situation, we can’t even hold a gathering peacefully as the other side is insolently insistent on interfering with our gatherings. This has prevented us from making plans for the future. Furthermore, most of the parties that are sympathetic to our cause are under a lot of pressure and we don’t want to put even more pressure on these active groups.”

Pointing out the closure of National Trust Party, he disclosed: “Our own party was illegally shut down. They have locked down the headquarters and won’t even let the innocent property owner visit his property. This is how they treat political parties that are one of the most important institutions in the constitution. You can see how the rule of law is being ignored. It is difficult to produce a manifesto for the movement in these circumstances. But as the majority of people in this reform movement demand the constitution to be upheld, we must all cooperate and work towards achieving this goal.”

They don’t maintain the dignity and respect of no one, even the Grand Ayatollahs or Imam Khomeini’s family

Regarding the role religious scholars and clergies have played in Iran‘s people’s movement Karoubi asserted:”So far some religious scholars have openly supported Iranian nation‘s movement against lies and diversions from the rule of law. Unfortunately in return they had to endure some mischief. For instance the offices of grand ayatollah’s Sanei and Montazeri were attacked. Some other religious figures who were not indifferent [to these events] also did not keep quiet. They showed their support in form of advice to or conversations with state officials. Actually there can be no complaining against pronounced religious figures that have supported people’s legitimate demands by any means possible.

You witnessed recent events that occurred in holy city of Qum where not only offices of grand ayatollahs were attacked but also they dared insult grandson of Imam Khomeini. They don’t keep anyone’s respect, neither the grand ayatollah nor Imam Khomeini’s family. Such actions are further proof that the system has gone astray. Our only demand is that it returns to its main course and this is the demand of majority of people”.

Disseminating lies has become their specialty and profession.

In another part of his remarks Karoubi referred to news disseminated by unknown sites regarding disagreements between green movement leaders and said:” there are no disagreements. It is actually the opposite. We try to resolve issues together in this harsh period and stand by the people. Unfortunately these websites publish false news every day. It seems that disseminating lies has become their specially and profession. The very same groups that produce these lies are now faced with serious internal conflicts. They are so closed-minded that they cannot even tolerate any opposition voices amongst themselves. It is to conceal these disputes that they resort to insult and slander against others. You saw how others within their own ranks reproached Mr. Jannati’s comments, when he purported the ugly accusation that [green movement leaders have received] 1 billion dollar. Or the recent remarks made by Mashayi and Ahmadinejad which has created a new divisions among them also demonstrated their lack of unity.

I advise the youth to learn from methods used by [these] liars and remember that under no circumstances should you let go of your principles and beliefs or sacrifice them for group or party interests. Your beliefs, principles, personality and identity form foundations of your living and you should never forgo them.

In your activities you should preserve your identity and beliefs. Refrain from extremism and remember that with a continuous movement that is accompanied by patience and persistence, sooner or later the victory will belong to great nation of Iran.”

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