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Mehdi Jami on Mousavi’s 17th Statement: Mousavi’s Statement on the Day of Ashura – The Last Option Before Collapse

Mehdi Jami on Mousavi’s 17th Statement: Mousavi’s Statement on the Day of Ashura – The Last Option Before Collapse

by Mehdi Jami
Source: Sibestan
Source: Jaras
Date: January 13, 2010

Without doubt Mousavi’s statement on the Day of Ashura was voice of reason in [this] chaos of irrationality and ignorance. The chaos that is instigated by domestic Taliban and their disciples and supporters. The domestic Taliban is tempted to continue until the last one in opposition is eliminated and feels the lust of having the power of destruction. It knows that at the end of the road there could only be complete annihilation and defeat but it desires to destroy you even at the cost of destroying itself. … Continue Reading

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Mousavi’s letter on the ‘Constitutional Monarchy’ Movement

August 10, 2010

Source: Rahesabz Date: Thursday, August 5, 2010 We are in the midst of the anniversary of the Constitutional Monarchy Movement, which has emphasized the need to restrain the power of the monarchy for more than a hundred years. Aside from demands for justice, freedom and the establishment of law, the achievement of this restraint is […]

Mahdi Karoubi: Complete Statement for the Anniversary of the Birth of the Green Movement

June 20, 2010

The vote they stole from you and the rights that they took from you unjustly are a shameful stain that cannot be hidden with whatever colour it is painted over. This is so much the case that after one year, despite all the pressures and intimidation, not only have your rightful demands not been forgotten, but this desire for change has taken deep root in different layers of society, based on an extensive social network.

Karoubi’s Open Letter Commemorating Teachers’ Day and International Workers’ Day

May 1, 2010

Achieving rights and respect for workes is preconditioned by taking up correct social and economic policies that would stimulate the economy and create jobs for everyone who has qualification without any discrimination based on people’s beliefs and ethnicity.

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