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Statement by the Islamic Iran Participation Front

August 5, 2009 Islamic Iran Participation Front, Recent Posts No Comments
Statement by the Islamic Iran Participation Front

(From the Koran): And he who has faith and whose acts rightly shall never fear tyranny.

(Source: Mowjcamp) These days are defining moments for our people and our nation and we are witnessing events which are bitter and painful and yet, are instructive and will pave the day for a better tomorrow. The Islamic Republic which is the result of more than 100 years of hard work by the people of Iran and their enlightened leaders and aims for the rule of law, democracy, freedom, security, development and … which was achieved in the Islamic Revolution with the courageous leadership of Imam Khomeini, which was supposed to be the ultimate manifestation of the rule of God and human values in the political and social spheres, has now, in the midst of its fourth decade, shown itself in a way that does not have the tiniest hint of congruence with those values, and is not even inline with rational governance in democratic or semi-democratic states and can only be compared to despotic monarchies. But the Islamic Republic of Iran was established on the basis of religious teachings, to free human beings from slavery, to instruct all towards God, and to create a government based on justice.

Thus, the essence of an Islamic state can be nothing but the voluntary acceptance of the state by its citizens, and a kindly two-way relationship between those who govern and the people. And that is why Imam Khomeini turned to the vote of the people to establish this system and then proceeded to rely on the vote of the people in writing and compiling the constitution. In practice too, he always relied on the belief that “the measure is the vote of the people” and the absolute rule of law.

Unfortunately, the painful story of interpreting the law according to the advantage of the establishment and the disadvantage of the rights of the nation and the people slowly began after his death and has gotten to a place where today, they easily rig people’s votes and when people gather in protest in completely lawful, peaceful ways, they are called hooligans or foreign agents, are treated in the most brutal ways, and are even gunned down and murdered.

With great sorrow we must declare that the ruling system that was established as a shelter and refuge for the people against tyranny and oppression, and a government that was established to teach of freedom to the world, today can not tolerate the request of its own people. The most painful and perplexing thing of all is that those involved have imprisonmed and silenced those activists that have tried for nothing but reform within the very confines of the system. These despots have carried their actions so far that even those of their own supporters which are not as dogmatic have started speaking out against them. Now, by propping up show trials they want to cover their great fraud and force these dear prisoners to say that there was no fraud involved.

The Islamic Iran Participation Front declares their regret for where the Islamic Republic has come. A place where to win legitimacy for the government and the elections, it has to submit to arranging trials which do not adhere to any law and are themselves a symbol of lawlessness and tyranny to force out of prisoners a confession to the  legitimacy of the election.

The Islamic Iran Participation Front is extremely disturbed and disgusted by the recent unlawful, unjust events following the election, especially the  imprisonment of activists and protesters and the creation of the show trials. We persist on our previous beliefs related to the wide fraud that took place during the election, and the illegitimacy of the winning party. We send our thoughts to our imprisoned friends: we take these trials as nothing but a show of no credibility and we remind you of God’s words in the Koran as we have repeated in this statement that no harm will come to you the faithful, and also this verse from the Koran “soon those who brought injustice will see that the oppressed will rise above them”. We warn those involved to learn from the lessons of  history and to return to the teachings of God and to keep open the door of reform for the system, and to remember the Imam’s words”the measure is the vote of the people” and to make peace with the protesters. So that our country can join this rapid, relentless race on the world stage for development and progress by using its full potential and its human resources. With utmost certainty, reaching justice or progress in the fourth decade of the revolution without the full participation of the Iranian people is nothing but a dream and a delusion.

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