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The Letter of Ayatollah Taheri Esfahani to Grand Aytollah Montazeri

The Letter of Ayatollah Taheri Esfahani to Grand Aytollah Montazeri

Source: Nowrooz
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In The Name of the Great God,

Honorable Islamic Juror and Marja, Grand Ayatollah Mr. Montazeri,
May God allow you to continue your service [1] ,

With highest regards and best wishes for the blessed Eid al-Fitr . With hopes for your health and your fulfilling life,

I find myself obligated to inform you of my deepest gratitude and support (as well as the support of the erudite and conscientious clergy) regarding your courageous and lucid statement about the horrifying events of recent months. You, sir, are a knowledgeable pragmatist, a founding father and a mujahid [2] of the Islamic movement [3] and among main companions of the departed Imam (may God bless his soul) before the victory.

It is undoubtedly difficult and disappointing for you (and for anyone else who has sacrificed their life, their well being, and their loved ones [4]) for the sake of opening the doors of compassion, justice, freedom and prosperity in this land) to witness these uninvited, ravenous guests; those people who are suddenly busy stealing the religion and corrupting the dignity of the nation, the country and the establishment as well as the pure blood of the martyrs and the struggle of the Muslim nation, post-revolution. With their sensitive souls, with their hearts, their voices, their writings, and their concerns, those who have made sacrifices have constantly been trying to reform and to salvage. With difficulty, they attempt to both restore the path [of the Revolution] and return to it; to the original principles that it had espoused. It is devastating that the authorities have caused a catastrophe by alienating the revolutionaries, the companions of the Imam, the real inheritors of the system and replaced them with opportunists, sycophants and hypocrites. It is devastating to see that the armed forces are allowed to meddle in politics and anger, hostility and hate is chosen over common sense, good council, and wisdom. They have intimidated and insulted the nation for the sake of some time in power. Such a disaster has been produced that cleansing its detrimental effects from the establishment and the clergy is not only very hard, it’s almost impossible.

Regretfully, individuals who are by the rules of law, Sharia, and wisdom, required to practice self-discipline and restrict their commanding and aggressive behavior toward objecting, defenseless people, have turned a deaf ear. They regard any valid objection as the word of a foreign enemy and treat [those who do object] in the most repulsive and un-Islamic way. This behavior is currently manifested in the prisons and illegal courts. The most unfortunate fact is that they have attributed all of their behavior to the now-misused religion and that they compare themselves to the holiest figures of Islam; “The love of the [materialistic] world makes them deaf, blind and dumb”[5]. The Shi’ite clergy is now subject to a great test. For the sake of preserving the Islamic Republic and upholding the rights and social freedoms which are clearly outlined both in the Constitution and the declaration of the Revolution, [the clergy] must pressure and give counsel to the authorities. Along this path, the first step is to “command decency and forbid wickedness [6]” and “to instruct the Muslim leaders ”[7]. If (God forbid) we neglect to do so, we will all be punished and questioned before history, before our dear martyrs, and our people.

May God help us all succeed on the path of reforming ourselves and our society, and may God grant you greater eminence and success.

God willing, peace be upon you,
Seyed Jalaleddin Taheri

30th of Shahrivar 1388 [8]

[1] ادام الله ظلّه العالی

[2] مجاهد: The one who struggles in order to reach a goal or an ideal

[3] نهضت اسلامی: Islamic Movement that led to the Revolution in Iran

[4] Grand Ayatollah Montazeri and Ayatollah Taheri have both lost their sons: the latter, his son Ali, during the war with Iraq; the former, his son Mohammad, in the bombing carried out by MKO in the Islamic Republic Party headquarter three years after the Revolution.

[5] حبّ الدّنیا یعمی و یصمّ و یبکم: Quotation from Ali Ibn Abi Talib, the first Imam of the Shi’ites

[6] امر به معروف‏ ‏ونهى از منكر

[7] النصیحه لِاَئمّه المسلمین

[8] September 21, 2009

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