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Mousavi’s 12th Statement: Beware that they do not destroy your country while they continue to destroy themselves

September 9, 2009 Mousavi, Mousavi Statements, Recent Posts No Comments
Mousavi’s 12th Statement: Beware that they do not destroy your country while they continue to destroy themselves

Source: Kalemeh
Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the name of God the Merciful and the Compassionate,

News of detainment of our dear brothers, Dr. Seyed Alireza Beheshti and Morteza Alviri, (both responsible for the committee investigating injuries triggered by recent events), and [former] Commander Moghadam (responsible for the Devotees committee of my election campaign), have produced waves of doubt and shock in those devoted to the Islamic establishment.

They are held captive while guilty of nothing but following the path of the revolution, demanding justice for unjustly-spilled blood, and assisting the families of the innocents

imprisoned after the election. Right now they are in prison, while those who committed the recent atrocities are free. Meanwhile, the officials responsible claim that they will categorically investigate the recent violence. Are they doing so by destroying the evidence of crimes committed and by imprisoning those who are pursuing the rights of the victims?

People’s honor is protected through their descendents [1]

Reverence for a celebrated figure is preserved by respecting his descendents. Today, our people are asking those who claim to be the ‘flag-bearers’ of the Islamic Revolution: in what way are you doing this for the oppressed martyr, Ayatollah Beheshti [2]?

People of Iran!

It is obvious that your efforts to return peace to our society calmly will not be met with a sensible response. Dangerous days lie ahead. The arrest of people like Dr. Beheshti is a sign of bleak events yet to happen. The unjust will perish, but what remains is what is beneficial to people.

So, what benefit is there for people in claiming the earth [when God is the only true owner] [3]

Remain calm and vigilant. This new chain of events – like other careless actions in recent days – will lead to nothing but the destruction of your opponents.  Make sure that they do not provoke you and destroy your home and your country, while they destroy themselves.

I send my condolences for the disrespect shown to Ayatollah Beheshti: to his family, his friends and his pupils, as well as to those who admire the Revolution and Islam. And I pray to God that this injury to the hearts of our people is healed by making his family’s prestige eternal.

–Mir Hossein Mousavi

[1] المرء یحفظ فی ولده

[2] Father of Dr. Ali Reza Beheshti, who was martyred in 1981 when he was head of the judiciary

[3] و اما ما ینفع الناس فی‏مكث فی الارض

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