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Behzad Nabavi’s Response to Jafari in 2004

September 4, 2009 Nabavi, Recent Posts 1 Comment
Behzad Nabavi’s Response to Jafari in 2004

Source: Agh Bahman
Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Mohammad Ali Jafari is the commander of the Revolutionary Guard and was appointed to this position by the Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on September 1, 2007, to succeed Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi. His name has been in the news for days now for his verbal attacks on the protesters and his demand for the imprisonment and silencing of individuals like Karoubi and Mousavi.

Behzad Nabavi is currently imprisoned at Evin and has been seen in the courtroom for the past few weeks in the notorious show trials. He is one of the founding members of the Mojahedin of the the Islamic Revolution Organization and began his life in politics as a guerrilla fighter in the Shah’s regime. He was deputy speaker of parliament at the time of this speech, in 2004.


Agh Bahman: You may remember that in their last year in parliament, [when the Guardian Council disqualified all reformist MPs from running for re-election], the MPs held a sit-in in protest. Behzad Nabavi had spoken at this sit-in. A military official [Mohammad Ali Jafari who had not been promoted to head of the Guards at that time] had written a report about Nabavi’s speech to higher officials. In that same sit-in, Behzad Nabavi referred to this report and gave the following speech on February 6th, 2004.

Perhaps the report I have in my hand now and that I will read from shortly, will meet with the disapproval of some MPs who believe there’s no reason for me to repeat something someone has said somewhere and I shouldn’t be reiterating these sentences. This report was written by Mohammad Ali Jafari who is the commander of the Sarallah Garrison in Tehran. This man has written a report for higher officials, including the president [Khatami], the speaker of parliament [Karoubi], the head of the judiciary [Shahroudi] and the leader [Khamenei].

The responsibilities of this individual are similar to those of the military commanders under the Shah during the military siege before the revolution, and he is going to be the commander of Tehran under similar circumstances.

For various reasons, I thought it necessary to analyze the contents of his letter. As a neutral military unit, his garrison is expected to provide the country’s security in times of crises.

This individual has complained of the MP’s sit-in in his report, and he has made a few points, and he’s referred to my statements in your gathering on January 29th, 2004 and he’s documented some of my comments. In this report he’s stated that I’ve said that if the current MPs are disqualified, the country will face chaos and hooligans and delinquents will take over.

You have all heard my statements and the media has video and audio footage of them, so to clarify what has been written in this report I shall say a few things. In this report, the Kayhan reporter is quoted as asking me the question if some thugs and hooligans create chaos because you have been disqualified, you don’t think it’s your fault? you’re going to say that it’s none of your concern? and according to this report, I’ve responded you can’t violate people’s rights [the MPs from running again] and then claim that they’re not supposed to say anything, because it will create unrest.

You see, in my original answer to this reporter, I’ve said: don’t be so hardheaded towards the ruling system and towards the people [by not letting the MPs run, and by not letting them protest]. And of course [no matter what happens, whether we are disqualified or not] we are gong to defend the most democratic revolution in the world with every last drop of our blood. But this individual has erased “the most democratic revolution in the world” from my anwer.

In another part of this letter he writes that I have “threatened the system with armed resistance.” Someone who alters my words that way, is of course going to write something like this.

In this report, which has been sent to the highest officials, this individual writes that I have threatened the system with armed resistance and that I have been extremely rude to the president. We know that the aim of this letter is to make the head of parliament and the president suspicious of our intentions. And reports like this have previously been published on websites close to this man [Jafari].

In this letter, they’ve taken some of the words I’ve spoken in the presence of national and international journalists and they’ve cut some parts of my words to make it sound as if  I’ve said we are going to fight with every last drop of blood in us and we are not going to let you get away with this.

In this report it’s also been written that bullies like us are violating the law in parliament, and are forcing students into this fight and are forcing officials to resign.

Beware of the people who prepare such documents and beware of their intentions. I see why some higher officials might believe that there are foreign agents among us in parliament. When they are twisting the official statements I’ve made out in the open like this, of course they are going to send their sources to make false claims about what we say and do here in parliament to help their agenda.

When a military man calls me a bully, I want to know who these bullies are and who is behind them. How can they push around the deputy speaker [Nabavi himself] the way they are? And I’m not claiming to be an important person, but this is a parliament which the Imam [Khomeini] said should be at the helm of all affairs [Ayatollah Khomeini had called parliament the “essence of the nation” and had declared  “the parliament should be at the helm of all the country’s affairs”]

Here I feel that I must quote this bit of poetry for you:

[Poem meaning:  you’re only a bug but you’re pretending to be a glorious bird.]

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