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Mousavi Condemns Attack in Qom

June 14, 2010 Figures, Mousavi, Recent Posts 2 Comments
Mousavi Condemns Attack in Qom

Source: Kaleme
Date: Monday, June 15, 2010

In the Name of the Almighty,

The fact that the authorities have declined to issue a permit [allowing us] to march on June 12 shows, more than ever, that they are afraid of the recurrence of last year’s magnificent rallies. This shows that despite tight security, year-long clampdowns, imprisonments, one-sided use of state TV and [other] government-funded media (not to mention the millions of dollars spent on broadcasting), the totalitarians have not been able to convince people of their honesty and good-will. If they had, what need would there have been for all this expense, military force, and dishonesty?

The attacks on citizens and university students on the anniversary of last year’s election, as well as the attacks on Hojatoleslam Karoubi and on the Grand Ayatollah’s offices, reveal a crisis of opinion among the attackers. June 12 of this year did not allow the government an excuse to cover all the incompetencies, among them the sanctions of the security council that are imposed on our nation because of the mismanagement and hypocritical policies of our government to trick the people. The totalitarians have not made amends; people will not forget the treacherous and oppressive incidents that occurred on the anniversary of Imam [Khomeini’s] death.

June 12 saw the maturity of the vast Green Movement. It demonstrated that with creativity, every citizen, wherever they may be – whether at home, at work in a factory, in the schools or in the streets – can be a movement unto themselves.

The Green Movement is wise enough to avoid giving the totalitarians an excuse to cover their erroneous policies in sectors like foreign relations, the economy, culture and politics. Today, those in power need crises more than anything to conceal the hardships they have created for us. Attacks on a prominent Source of Immolation and on one of Imam [Khomeini]’s beloved students are a new way of creating crises. What these people must know is that attacking, pressuring and insulting religious figures only de-legitimizes the establishment.

Have they forgotten that attacks on the office of Imam [Khomeini] were the basis for the fall of the [Shah’s] despotic system on June 7, 1961 and later in February, 1978? Do they not learn these lessons from history? Surely, they are aware of them. So why are they destroying themselves with this absurdity by cutting the branches of the tree they are themselves sitting on?

–Mir Hossein Mousavi

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