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Nourizad’s Letter to Imam Khomeini’s Grandchild

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Nourizad’s Letter to Imam Khomeini’s Grandchild

For our Dear Seyyed Hassan Khomeini:

Dear Seyyed,

The way in which you were treated during the ceremonies commemorating Imam Khomeini’s death is a clear reflection of the way in which we have treated our own people. We promised our people, who were fed up with tyranny, corruption, discrimination and oppression, that if they were to say ‘yes’ to our Islamic system, bright horizons of freedom, justice, faith and integrity would open up before them, and that the defects they had suffered from historically would be rectified. We promised them that if they were to vote ‘yes’ to our proposed system, we would take the idea of justice (a justice like that of Imam Ali’s government (peace be upon him)) and make it a reality. [We promised them] that they would enjoy the same treatment that he offered his relatives and strangers. We told them: “The previous regimes did not treasure you, but we will. We will value your dignity and your honor. We will eradicate the historical ignorance that has for so long worn down your understanding and your soul. We have come to repair your battered and humiliated identities and restore and reinforce your downtrodden national and religious personalities. For those who had to endure the rule of the Pahlavi dynasty and suffer the pillage of its thousand cronies, we had vowed that on the basis of our religious teachings, we would eradicate the roots of corruption and nepotism in business and finance. We would make manifest to the world a pure and popular government, such that people from all over the world would hasten to see our justice, reason, growth and good order.

Yes, dear Seyyed, we told our humiliated people that if they were to accept us, we would govern in such a way that [even] Communists and others of differing beliefs would be able to teach at our universities. You were too young to remember, but we raised their hopes with these unlimited promises and convinced them to vote ‘yes’.

Dear Seyyed, we used all of the credibility we had from our history and our religion in order to obtain their vote. And people believed us: they voted yes. Guerrillas, Communists, nationalists, Muslims, zealous Shi’ites, Sunni Muslims, Jews, Christians Zoroastrians, and those who simply wanted to demonstrate their humanity – all voted yes. With striking and passion-inducing promises, we invited our people to take part in a covenant: we stood on one side and they stood on the other. The subject of that covenant was none other than those bright horizons. The agreement was concluded very quickly, because people really believed in the honesty of people like your grandfather, and others such as Mottahari, Beheshti, Taleghani or Montazeri. They were honest men indeed. They had passed their tests and earned the people’s trust. But, dear friend, as soon as the deal was signed, our hypocrisy began to seep through. Every day and every year we stepped further and further away from the goals of that enlightening deal. Because of the external war, people tolerated internal political conflicts. But when the war ended, the authorities began a war with the people. This was not right. It continued in such a way that we even eradicated the incomplete freedoms that people had during the time of the Shah. With the dry mental frameworks that we imposed on the people, they became constrained and hate-filled. Social freedoms were replaced by stupid regulations and constrains. The people who should have prospered under the goals of that deal turned into the subjects of our daily shouting.

Dear friend, believe me when I say that in great deal we sold more expensive than what we were supposed to. We tricked people. Instead of taking care of families, we turned plundering people. Look at the outspoken cries of Abbas Palizdar. Look how many great men of faith or men of politics have had their hands on people’s wealth. This is only a fraction of the pillaging that our great men are responsible for. Look at the Parliament and how its laws and independence have turned into jokes. Look at the Judiciary – was this the Justice that our system promised to deliver? Was this what we promised our people?

This is why I said that the slap you got in the face from the president’s mobsters was partly a result of the people’s vengeance for their ignored rights. [But] I must add – do not worry about losing your dignity. The great God, who is the provider of dignity, will redeem you and put the stupid designers of that plot into an abyss of desecration and ridicule.

Dear friend, on that sad 14th, our leader, too, kept quiet beside your grandfather. With his fatherly words, he should have detangled the ties of the president’s plot. But, unfortunately, the words of our Supreme Leader only blew new air into the fire of that plot. He once again started talking of plots during the early years of Islam, and compared himself directly to Ali, the Great Imam of the Shi’as. In my first letter to the Supreme Leader, I reminded him of this very error; reminded him that we can only accuse others of being like traitors to Ali when every [one of our actions and] every bit of our behavior is like Ali’s. When did Ali do what we are doing to our people? When did Ali promise his people one thing and betray their trust by stabbing them in the back?

We were once supposed to save our people from humiliation. Today, the whole world is belittling us. Our leader has often referred to Imam Khomeini’s golden statement: “The current well-being of the people is our measure of success.” Based on this statement, he has criticized everyone but himself. He must have forgotten that the statement applies to him as well. After Imam Khomeini’s passing some twenty odd years ago, our leader has been responsible for leading this nation. Unfortunately, he has distanced himself from the Imam and his teachings in the last little while and has completely forgotten his responsibility to the people. Today, most of the Imam’s friends, companions, and colleagues are unhappy with the way the Supreme Leader is running the country. The Leader, who must always act as a father, has instead thrown his support behind a certain unbalanced individual. Imam Khomeini never allowed organizations directly under his supervision – such as Public Broadcasting or the Guardian Council – to support any candidates. But today, the Leader’s demonstrable preference for one candidate has been publicly exposed. The Imam prohibited the military from entering the political and economic arenas. In contrast, the [current] Leader has [actually] facilitated the military’s involvement in both political issues and hugely lucrative economic activities. During the Imam’s time the Judiciary was completely independent, but today it acts as a puppet to the more powerful Ministry of Intelligence. Having the president rob the country during the Imam’s time was completely unthinkable! But today, the fact that the government is missing billions is taken as lightly as a joke.

Yes, dear Seyed, I can go on and on like this…. But may the Lord keep you safe. We have high hopes for you and the future of this country. I hope you are not thinking of giving up?

I still remember that great letter written by the Imam, which said that if a person has been offended in Parliament, he must be given the chance to exonerate himself in the same place. Look at the heads of today’s Parliament, Public Broadcasting, or any other area, and see how they smirk at this recommendation. That smirk exposes their unjust nature.

In the Imam’s famous eight-part executive order he emphasized an important moral point: when officials are secretly pursuing a traitor and observe [the performance of] additional illegal acts, they are strictly prohibited from charging the traitor with the additional offences.

But what about today? I suggest you watch the interrogation of Saeed Imami’s wife so that you could better learn the temperament of those who call themselves the “unnamed soldiers of the twelfth Imam.” After watching this video, I asked myself whether I would still rise up against the Shah and fight to establish my beloved Islamic Republic if I knew that we would reach such a low point – that a lady would be interrogated using such vulgar language. NEVER!

In our time – the time of our Supreme Leader’s rule – respecting people’s dignity, privacy, and human rights is a mere joke! Save the respect for God, the prophet, and the religion!

Dear Seyed, can we ever wash from our conscience what happened in Kahrizak?
In the Imam’s eye, decisions were made by the people’s vote. Today, it is the military which makes the decisions in all arenas, be it political or economic; a matter of the Parliament, the government, or the Judiciary. How can people voice their opinions?
The Imam used to say that the opposition is free so long as they do not raise up arms. Today, the idea of a free opposition is a joke!

During the Imam’s time, the Parliament was independent and impressively diverse – a diversity that was put to death. Today, what’s left of Parliament cannot even follow up on its legislations. Its sole task has become legitimizing the president’s ridiculous actions.

Dear Seyed, will you agree that our bad deeds and insolence come back to hunt us later? They offended you yesterday, but tomorrow their insolence will come back for them.

Dear Seyed, the future is for you and those like you who seek the truth, who seek justice, and who are weary of evil.

With my respects,
Mohammad Nourizad
Evin Prison

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