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Mousavi in Meeting Student Members of Islamic Revolution Mojahedin: Justice and Freedom are the Key Words of the Green Movement

April 20, 2010 Mojahedin of the Revolution, Mousavi, Recent Posts 1 Comment
Mousavi in Meeting Student Members of Islamic Revolution Mojahedin: Justice and Freedom are the Key Words of the Green Movement

Source: Emrooz
Date: Sunday, April 18, 2010

 Spreading the goals of green movement in universities

Mirhossein Mousavi in a meeting with members of student committee of Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution party provided an analysis of the current situation in the country. Referring to the great potentials of human resources in universities he continued: “The progress of Green Movement in universities has not been inhibited by suppression. On the contrary the existing situation has made the aspirations of the Green Movement more widespread within the universities. Today the political activism based on rationality is spreading in universities. Practical discussions on strengths and weaknesses [of the movement], in conjunction with contemplation and perseverance in continuing the green path is essential. The reason that the far-flung wave of arrests has not curbed the green movement is manifested in the key slogan shouted by people: “we are numerous.” This slogan is very important. There are three and half million students in universities [across the country] and the majority of them are aware that the road to greatness of [our] nation is in spreading the green waves of awareness and responsibility among the population. The students are children of public and so far have succeeded in raising awareness and informing the public.

Define the green way of hope such that it even embraces our opposition.

The necessity of choosing the appropriate slogans

“Those who suppress others have defined their course in such way that it only includes small section of the nation. That is why they appear even in the cemetery with batons and weapons. But we should define and introduce the green way of hope so that it embraces the whole nation even those who oppose us. A fundamental responsibility of supporters of the movement is to devise slogans based on rightful demands of people and be persistence in realizing them.
Diversion from the goals of the [20 year] Outlook Plan and bewilderment at the untrue economic promises
Mousavi said that freedom and justice are the two important keywords of the Green movement and they are inseparable. Those who have terrible living circumstances are at a greater risk of losing their basic freedoms, he said.

Mousavi continued: The solution to the people’s economic problems is not a welfare economy. Look at the results of giving away our national wealth and oil revenues. We have become more dependent on oil revenues as each day passes by. Our markets are full of foreign product while almost all parts of our industry and agriculture are in dire circumstances. Just look at the situation of our labor market. Personally, I am bewildered when I see the [current] economic policies, all the corruption and lack of organization accompanied by claims of five percent unemployment. If the current state of affairs continue, the [20 year] Outlook Plan Document would soon turn into a joke that is made up to deceive people, instead of [its real purpose as] a strategic document that is supposed to serve as a road map to future development. Until this day, a quarter of time limit outlined in the document has passed. Let’s investigate, without any prejudices whether we have come closer to those goals or shifted farther away from them.

Let’s each act as media at home and at work

We don’t need to go a long way or resort to complicated analyses in order to show the reasons for the current situation. Just take a look at the prisons, and see how many of our public servants, reporters, and accomplished men and women we have imprisoned with delusive excuses. Look at the project of forced confessions. Even now that a few of the many prisoners are given temporary leave, they are under pressure to cave in to [controlled] interviews if they want to avoid prison. All of this is while independent media are constantly under pressure.

Mousavi also stated: Currently I see no prospect for freedom of press and media as stated in the constitution, therefore those who care for the Green Movement should adapt themselves to these circumstances, and find ways for increasing awareness and propagating the media. On top of that all of us should act as media in our workplace and in our homes.

We will use our experiences from the the imposed war; We will break open a new window whenever the enemy tries to close an opening.

Mousavi added: “During the imposed war, destruction was quite widespread: the county’s infrastructure was under heavy fire from one side, while those who had sold out to Saddam were sabotaging whatever they could. Some thought we should let the war come to an end before we start to rebuild. On the contrary, the government concluded that we must start the rebuilding efforts as soon as any destruction was spotted. ‘Our ability to rebuild must outpace the enemy’s ability to destroy’ became a well-established mission. This experience is very relevant to the current situation. Every time an opening is shut, windows must be opened in response. Every time a news paper is shut down by the government, we must be looking to establish another. For every filtered weblog, dozens of weblogs must come to life and defend peoples rights. This is the only way, and we are capable of doing this, as we are supported by so many in this movement . We must understand that this journey is not easy. We must learn to fit our rightful political activities in our daily lives and manage both simultaneously. The greatness of this movement will not come from the work of a few geniuses.

The Green Movement does not want this nation to turn into a military base.

Let’s not be afraid of diversity; Let’s love even our enemies

The greatness of this movement comes from the work of many people who do what they can, either publicly or secretly, in order to bring about a better and greener future. Even a preyer from a private citizen in a small corner of this country is appreciated. In the Green Movement, no one thinks that they are doing something remarkable. Rather everyone think that they are doing what is right. Everyone must know that we want to do the right thing. We want to defend people’s honour and respect. We do not want this nation to turn into a military base or be represented and administered by a small minority. Iran is a countries of more than seventy million liberated citizens with diverse cultures and opinions. We are not scared of this diversity. We like the fundamentalists just as we like any other group in this nation; and we like all the cultures, ethnicities, and languages present in this country.

The solution can not be tempering with statistics of our martyrs

Only if the government was in the service of people

What we are saying is that we were supposed to have a compassionate reading of the Islam that open sup governance to kindness and tolerance. Instead we saw forced anti-Islamic confessions, incidents like Kahrizak, raid of campuses, atrocities of the 30th of Khordaad, day of Ashoura, and many other days. We are saying, here and now too, that the solution will not be through tempering with statistics of our martyrs, or filling up the prison cells. Instead, the solution is in freeing the prisoners and the press, attending to the family of martyrs and organizing a free and unbiased election that is competitive. If, as you say, the government is servant to the public, you must know that a servant does not kill his masters, put them in misery, imprison them or constrain them. A servant of people would not announce his own interest as demands of people. I wish you would let people come and voice their concerns in the ‘national state TV, so that it would a medium that recognizes the whole nation instead of not even tolerating the simplest controlled debate.

The nation is prepared to unite over the pressure of a foreign threat but it will never forget the main trouble makers inside the country

All must know that the solution to the crises in our country is not in distracting the people from what they main issues that the country faces. The government should always be cautious about an earthquake in the capital, instead of all of a sudden rambling about how a great earthquake is heading our way. The government that does not have the organizational capabilities of transporting couple of thousands should not speak so confidently about moving out five million people from Tehran. Please start from the little baby steps before you think of a giant step. Prepare the primary levels of health, prosperity and education then talk about increasing the rate of population growth. Today, uncalculated, dreamy and illusive policies have brought our country to the aim of foreign threats. It is a certain fact that the nation is prepared to unite over the pressure of a foreign threat but it will never forget the main trouble makers inside the country. I recommend that instead of putting forth impossible programs that talk about moving five million people out of the capital, we should to evade the self inflicted threats imposed on the nation with calculated and appropriate course of action. We must not think that people forget what we have done and we have said. People are even sensitive to the destiny those worms and turtles that you sent to outer space and want to know what has come about those innocent creatures and all that research.

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