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Mousavi’s Meeting with Mo’meni: No One Can Stop the Arrival of the New Season

April 11, 2010 Figures, Mousavi, Recent Posts 2 Comments
Mousavi’s Meeting with Mo’meni: No One Can  Stop the Arrival of the New Season

Source: Tahavolkhahi
Date: Sunday, April 11, 2010

Members of the Isfahan branch of the Institution of Intellectuals, which is part of the national Student Alumni community, met with Abdollah Mo’meni, their recently-released spokesperson. This corresponded with Mousavi and Rahnavard’s recent visit to Mo’meni’s home.

During that visit, Mr. Mousavi expressed great optimism for the future of the opposition movement, revealing that “a new season will come, and [it cannot be stopped].” Responding to an inquiry about what motivated him to stand his ground after the election, Mr. Mousavi referred to reviving the rights of people based on [his] commitment to the fundamentals of ethics, Islam, and humanism. Moreover, he stated the following: “Our moral duty must be to identify what is dark as dark, and what is white as white in a practical way. When the Iranian nation attended the elections in those numbers, I felt the obligation to stand with it side by side. To be honest with you, I followed after them.”

Mousavi was then asked about the future of the movement and the capacity of its leaders to produce solutions that would achieve its goals. He replied that one important aspect of the movement was its ability to bring different classes of people together, both from inside and outside the country. In addition, he stated that the creation of social networks and other creative steps could play an effective role in helping the movement achieve its goals.

Mousavi and Rahnavrd at Abdollah Momeni's House

Mousavi's visit with the recently released Abudallah Momeni

While discussing the movement’s future plans, he revealed the following: “One cannot view the opposition movement as a painting, cultivated by an artist who already has all of its features and specifics in mind. Instead, although the general concepts and the design of the movement are known, one must expect the details and specifics to show themselves over a [greater] span of time and in accordance with social context.”

In the end, Mir Hossein Mousavi indicated that the opposition movement has already achieved some great victories: “Even if years go by and these days become faded memories, these victories alone are proof that the Iranian nation is aware and alert and always will be.”

Zahra Rahnavard also added that the people of Iran have reached a great level of awareness in recent months and that this is no small achievement.

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