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Rafsanjani Meets with Reformist MPs

April 5, 2010 Figures, Hashemi Rafsanjani, Recent Posts 6 Comments
Rafsanjani Meets with Reformist MPs

Source: ParlemanNews
Date: Monday, April 5, 2010

Today, delegates of the coalition of reformist parties, the Imam Khomeini Line, went to see Hashemi Rafsanjani while continuing their Nowruz visits.

Mohammad Reza Tabesh [1] stated the following:

“Although different issues are being discussed in the country at the moment -especially the subsidies bill and the economic situation – we must not forget that they are secondary concerns. The primary matter at hand is the stability and security of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We must not see an even greater distance between the establishment and the people than already exists. Moreover, we hope that the establishment will use wisdom and foresight to close this distance.”

Referring to Ayatollah Khomeini’s statement, wherein he stated that “parliament must be at the forefront,” Tabesh declared that there is an “absolute need for parliament to be at the head of the country’s affairs.”

Hashemi Rafsanjani’s then offered his views:

“The disagreements that have arisen under the current circumstances must be rectified. This is only possible if the leader is at the forefront. All other groups must function alongside the leader, whose role is pivotal.

Hashemi Rafsanjani referred to the different needs of Iran’s young population and said: We must meet the cultural and social needs of our youth with appropriate planning. At the same time, we must act in a way that [encourages] the younger generations to know of the value and worth of previous achievements. We must not talk in a way that demeans past successes.

When Imam [Khomeini] said that parliament must be at the forefront, it wasn’t a tactical or political statement – it was a foundational statement[which defined the basis of the Islamic Republic]. Since parliament is the important  a symbol of the people’s will and the foundation of the people’s rule, Imam [Khomeini] stressed that democracy would [indeed] continue through it.

The Imam believed that parliament should [always] be at the helm and that the Revolution was dependent on [the understanding of] its worth; and, in the same vein, [by recognizing] the value of the Imam, the leader and the Constitution. Parliament is a powerful body that has been able to consummate many of the country’s laws.”

Rafsanjani went on to discuss the negligence with which subsidy reform has been treated in the Fourth Development Plan and emphasized its national importance and benefit if carried out properly:

“Surgically removing subsidies will certainly have consequences. And the greater the amount [removed], the greater the consequences and the [deeper the] shock. Carrying out this law requires a great deal of empathy, and the appropriate management. It must not be carried out in a way that causes discontent.

Saving the Islamic Republic is of great importance, and in the new year we need to generate trust within the country’s political sphere. I am gravely worried to see that those who care deeply for the system are [actually] distanced [from it]. Considering the situation in neighboring countries, we can create an island of stability for the entire region if [and when] we are united.”

[1] An MP from the city of Ardakan and nephew of Mohammad Khatami – seen here, sitting to the left of Rafsanjani

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