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Mousavi and Karoubi: We Will Address the People Shortly

February 18, 2010 Karoubi, Mousavi, Recent Posts 7 Comments
Mousavi and Karoubi: We Will Address the People Shortly

Source: Kaleme
Date: Thursday, February 18, 2010

Last night, Mehdi Karoubi met with Mir Hossein Mousavi for two hours. They praised the people’s peaceful demonstration on February 11th (22 Bahman) and criticized those who wanted to exploit the presence of different social groups for their political agenda.

During this meeting they also criticized the violent extremists of Tehran and other major cities – extremists who obstructed the peaceful demonstration using violence. According to Mousavi and Karoubi, these extremists are responsible for the complete militarization and environment of fear that appeared for the first time in thirty years, on a day that belongs to every Iranian – a day celebrating the victory of the Revolution. They criticized the attack on the symbols that are part of the country’s flag and emphasized that this is a sign of weakness in the violent extremists in the green presence of people.

Karoubi and Mousavi emphasized the [need] to implement all articles of the Constitution, especially those that are violated or ignored today; those that are related to the people’s rights. They highlighted [the importance] of the people’s informed presence as well as the [continued] pursuit of civil rights in an effort to correct the current detour from the [values of the] Revolution. They stressed that this detour has greatly damaged national interests.

At the end of the meeting, Mousavi and Karoubi indicated that they will address the people shortly with respect to the above-mentioned issues. Moreover, they revealed that they will continue to inform everyone regarding the means to peacefully seek their rights and demands in the near future.

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