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In Honor of the People’s Participation in the 22nd of Bahman Rally

February 14, 2010 Official Letters, Recent Posts 2 Comments
In Honor of the People’s Participation in the 22nd of Bahman Rally

Source: Norooznews
Date: Saturday, February 13, 2010

The presence of supporters of the Green Movement on 22 Bahman, which was in response to the call of the leaders of the movement, as well as political parties, is much appreciated. Even though the widespread presence of security forces and police prevented them from revealing their green signs, everyone knows that the massive increase of people in this year’s demonstration, compared that of previous years, is due to the presence of the greens.  This is despite the fact that the people who have usually attended [the 22 Bahman celebrations] are supporters of the revolution and belong to various [political] factions. As a result, many of those groups are now supporters of the Green Movement. Mass arrests, excruciating limitations on internet access, the blocking of mobile phones and the restrictions imposed on both foreign and local journalists even before the demonstration, are all signs of the government’s anxiety regarding the constant increase in the number of supporters of the Green Movement.

Those who, until today, trusted the fraudulent propaganda against the Green Movement saw yesterday, with their own eyes, how the peaceful participation of its leaders was met with the violence of pro-government forces. The leaders of the movement who participated in this rally like they did in previous years were attacked by baton-wielding police and the plain-clothes, police-supported militia. The factions that were responsible for their safety instead prevented them from attending the rally. Because of the commitment to refrain from violent behaviour demonstrated by the informed and clever members of the Green Movement, those who were looking for excuses to repress and marginalize people failed to do so. Undoubtedly, the main forces behind the sporadic clashes that took place around or following the rally were the plain-clothes, police-supported militia, while the majority of the greens peacefully participated [in the rally] in response to requests made by their leaders, and even avoided showing their green insignia to prevent clashes.

We thank the noble people of Iran who participated in the rally in large numbers to defend the original ideals of the revolution and to emphasize [the need] to eliminate the misconduct and digression of the government and state officials.

Now, after assessing yesterday’s rally and [witnessing] a large crowd who, on this day, and in accordance with the Green Movement’s request, joined the traditional crowd [that was present at previous rallies – such that even the pro-government media admitted that the number of people who participated in this year’s demonstrations was twice as much as in previous years – [we insist that] the existence of [the current crisis and the resulting protests] is officially recognized. Moreover, the proposed solutions for the crisis, suggested by leaders of the Green Movement, [must be] implemented.

The people’s determination and persistence in demanding their rights is [truly] commendable.

— Islamic Iran Participation Front

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