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Statement of Association of Combatant Clerics on 22 Bahman

February 6, 2010 Association of Combatant Clerics, Recent Posts 7 Comments
Statement of Association of Combatant Clerics on 22 Bahman

Source: The Association of Combatant Clerics
Date: Saturday, February 6, 2010

The amazing Islamic Revolution, which succeeded after many ups and downs and numerous incidents on Bahman 22nd, 1357 [February 11, 1979], has shown the greatness and the capacity of God’s religion [Islam] in providing freedom, dignity, and independence to a nation. In addition it has been the symbol of competence for the people with great honors throughout history. May God’s salutation be with this great nation and with its leader and grand founder Imam Khomeini, who was the symbol of this nation’s faith, power, honor, and freedom. We salute the pure spirit of all martyrs to whom this nation owes greatly. May God’s mercy be with the pure hearts of those who made sacrifices, the honorable martyrs’ families, and all men and women who always and devotionally have been and will be present in and play a role in our common fate.

The Islamic revolution was nation’s clear response to the call of their leader, who saw the religion as a mean to free people from despotism and colonialism. In his view religion recognizes people’s right to rule their fate. It demands essential rights, dignity, and respect for all the people who live in this country. In his view a government that is compatible with Islam should not only benefit Muslims, it should belong to all Iranian people regardless of their faith and beliefs.

The Islamic Revolution was the voice of a nation with a long history in fighting against colonialism and other countries domination — for that it had paid a lot of resources.

The Islamic revolution was the expression of people’s fundamental demand for rejecting all sorts of despotism regardless of their forms and names. The Islamic revolution was like a source of light [hope] in the lives of people who were suffering from backwardness and were demanding progress and development in all economical, scientific, political, cultural, and social fields.

The Islamic revolution was the loud voice of free men and women, who with their empty hands and their full of faith hearts displayed their glorious civic presence in determining their own fate. This revolution relied on words instead of gun and on handing out flowers instead of shooting bullets and therefore resulted in an Islamic republic. An Islamic republic is a system, which remains loyal to divine values and progressive guidelines based on dynamic and problem solving capabilities of a modern jurisprudence which is far from petrifaction, being shallow, and superstition. For this system the criterion is peoples’ vote, the politics is based on ethics, and the justice is the base of social conducts. This system wants to be a model in a world, which would demand for freedom and spirituality at the same time.

Islamic republic is the fruit of our glorious revolution. It recognizes people’s right to choose to their own destinies. It considers the rule of the Islamic jurist who is a master jurisprudence and is just, resourceful, capable, knowledgeable and up to speed with our times. Furthermore, the jurist is a guardian of traditions, and representative of people and protector of their dignity. The Islamic republic considers the rule of a jurist who is responsible not only towards the almighty but also towards people whose will and consent – as Imam [Khomeini] has emphasized – is the cause of both enactment and legitimacy of his rule.

Islamic republic considers criticism, protest, and even denouncement of rulers and officials not only as a right but also as a gift from God. In addition to recognition of the rule of people as democracy and reliance on their votes and elections in all affairs, Islamic Republic is a system that considers morality and justice as the two fundamentals that constitute the relationship between government and people and within people themselves. Today, our honourable nation is at the brink of the 31st anniversary of triumph of the revolution. It is ready to commemorate this day as a day of God and as a climax in its history. In this sensitive time let us congratulate ‘the ten day dawn’ and emphasize on importance of magnificent presence of people on the rallies of February 11. Let us further enumerate some points regarding this subject:

1. In these 31 years our people have been witness to immense achievements, the most important of which was freedom from the grip of foreigners, establishment of Islam as the fundamental in social affairs, mastery of people on their own destinies. At the same time we have overcome great many conspiracies: waves of terrorism and those who stood against the people and who in the end fell closer to the enemies of Iran and Islam. We endured hidden and outspoken agendas of Zionism and imperialism [of America.] We survived various sanctions and constrains and although these agendas and pressure continue to be imposed, they would only make our stand stronger.

However, with the successful management – approved by Imam [Khomeini] and the great Iranian nation- the difficult eight year era of holy defence [against Iraq] passed. Invaluable efforts have been carried out to reconstruct the damages, upgrade the infrastructures and start to develop. As a result amazing achievements were obtained, we were able to boost the international prestige of Iran and bring in ever more foreign investments and collaboration, our professionals and the academics have been employed [everywhere] and internal contractors are encouraged and motivated. We have achieved self-sufficiency in several fields such as wheat and medication and Infrastructure plans like oil and petrochemical industries along with roads, rails and airports which have started and completed. We developed the large Asalouye industrial and advanced in peaceful nuclear technologies despite the sanctions, and international constrains. We nurtured scientific institutions and religious centers and moved towards a social justice that is stable, and a practical political structure that our system deserves. We executed some of ignored potentials of the constitution to create committee elections in cities and towns. All these are among countless achievements that we quickly undertook and which enabled us to look to future and create the 20-years-ahead documents as the horizon of the country.

Regretfully during the last few years as a result of the government’s week, illiberal and narrow minded destructive policies, in spite of the great oil income and the constructed infrastructures by the previous governments, the process of development has faced failure and deficit and has been deviated from the country’s grand policies and planning. The natural result has been the downfall of many indicators of economic growth and development such as inflation, employment, economic growth, administrative decency (ethicality), public enterprise, social and political liberty and freedom of the press. In a way those outstanding professionals and those who are compassionately devoted to the country believe that continuing the current process is extremely troublesome and can be a real threat for the future of our country. Thus we would like to insistently ask all of the controlling systems of our society specially the parliament of the Islamic republic to carry out their chief responsibility to readjust the current affairs according to the framework of law and social plans free from political and faction considerations.

2. Liberalism, seeking independency and justice is deeply rooted in our nation’s history. The great majority of Iranian people due to their enlightening Islamic beliefs demand an Islamic regime and this could be seen evidently in the Islamic revolution of 1979, they believe that the true Islam that has been introduced by their leader not only defies the honour and progress of all Muslims and believers but also acknowledges the right of all citizens who live under the fabric of the Islamic republic’s constitutional law and believe that Iran is for all Iranians and should be cultivated and prosperous for every single individual.

3. Our constitutional law is a framework that is the product of the Islamic revolution and is the result of the vote of not only the elite but also the whole population. Deviation from it is equal to falling in an abyss that its detriment will firstly affects our country and countrymen and any violation of the law is serving the enemies of our religion, country and people. The constitutional law is a unitary whole, and its elements from rule of jurisprudence to the nations’ rights, distinction of different branches of power, the electivity of all the positions and statuses, acknowledging peoples votes as the criterion, equality of freedom and security, freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of social gatherings, defying all the oppressed people including the Palestinians, condemning terrorism including the terrorism of the Israel Government and the absence of contradiction between our national laws and the core Islamic rules and values all should be considered and honoured specially by the government.

4. Thanks to the Islamic revolution the Iranian nation relies on its own forces and potentials. They put their trust in themselves and deny any foreign interference no matter what form it may take or what justification it may has. The nation does not let [foreigners] abuse the natural internal differences, even from some of the internal subjugations on the people and on the intellectuals. Our nation does not look forward to the help of anyone other than that of the almighty, its own will and aware internal forces. This includes any help from beyond the borders that are merely illegitimate interests with the real purpose of increasing the internal differences and weakening the establishment. Our nation condemns such efforts.

5. It is deeply saddening to see some of the most loyal companions of the Imam [Khomeini] in prison: Individuals who were defenders of right and dignity of people and who want nothing for this nation other than prosperity. Currently, these servants of Islam and people feel a tightening pressure on their presence in politics and in their daily lives. All the while, radicals push the environment towards further clampdowns on the one hand, and provoke other parts of society to destabilize the establishment on the other with the purpose of intensifying the crisis in the country. This is a course of action that would first of all do the most harm to the establishment.

6. In this dark environment it is important to avoid any acts of exorbitance and radicalism and to rely on fundamentals and values so that first of all right of people’s mastery over their own destinies could be recognized and if anyone anywhere with any excuse violates these rights they could be expelled from the scenes so that only those remain who have good will. And so that we can reserve the right to fundamental freedoms like freedom of speech, freedom to organize and create committees and communities, freedom to criticize just has been explicated in the constitution.

Second of all, prisoners must be freed. Impartial courts without prejudgments and pessimisms and with regard towards rights of the accused should follow up on crimes only based on credible documents and in a just manners. They should punish the violators of people’s rights with no sympathy. They must severely react to those who have caused damage to people’s lives and properties and those who have – against the laws – treated the detainees violently, and often quite tragically so too. They must put to action the [political] approaches of ‘attracting the most, repulsing the least’ as emphasized on the statements of the supreme leader, and his request of severe reactions to atrocities in some of the detainment centers, and towards the detainees. This is to recover from the spiritual and financial costs imposed of families of victims of the recent atrocities, and atrocities of attacks on the university campus.

Third, Noting the fact that the Islamic Revolution takes from the great prophet’s eternal culture, who named perfection of compassionate deportment as the philosophy of his besat, indeed in a society and a regime that follows his holy teachings, observing good conduct is of unavoidable essence. It is an indisputable principle. The leadership and the administration, specially the Iranian State TV, the media, and public tribunes, leaders of the Friday prayers, and those whose words and conducts are viewed as those of the government and the supreme leader should avoid lying, making false accusations, attempting to damage other figures credibility, plotting conspiracy, and spreading hatred, resentment, and violence in the society. Preserving the spiritual and social assets of the revolution and protecting the venerable figures of the revolution who spent a lifetime serving Imam Khomeini, the revolution, and the nation – and who are still kindly and patiently enduring great pain in protecting Imam Khomeini’s noble teachings and legacy, and realizing the fundamental promises of the Islamic Revolution – is congruent with religion, good judgement, and fairness.

Forth, people must be assured that the most fundamental principle of democracy which is holding free and fair elections that can lead to reform, will be worked on by the administration. Furthermore, Everyone must strive to stay with the bounds of law, whether they are opposing the government or supporting it, so that with help of God, we can witness a successful Iran; a society that lives by Islamic and National morals.

Fifth, considering the simultaneity of the anniversary of the victory of the revolution [on February 6] and the departure of great prophet and martyrdom of the second and eight imam of Shiite, let us all attend the rallies on February 6 with the utmost calm and by relying on slogans that originated from the heart of revolution and conscious of people; slogans like ‘independence, freedom, Islamic republic.’ Let us stay away from deviating slogans on the day of the rally. We specially request from the dear dissidents to the current affairs that while maintaining their active presence on the fronts, they also avoid any form of violence and abide by rules of civility; even to the point of remaining tolerant and patient towards those who be may violent [to you.]

The Association of Combatant Clerics

February 1, 2010

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